Friday, February 15, 2008

On The Lighter Side

I get daily emails at work to keep us updated on all the current issues. This warning was in one of today's emails.

"This Offer May Be Void In All 50 States"
The economic stimulus package signed into law by President Bush includes individual tax rebates. Even before it had passed, the IRS said identity thieves were on the prowl, contacting people about receiving "early payment" of their rebates—provided they divulge personal banking and other identifying information.

Signs you may be speaking to an IRS impostor:

Starts phone conversation by saying you were specially selected by the IRS Commissioner for an extra rebate.

Offers to send you not only a rebate check, but also a Veg-O-Matic and a Ginsu knife.

For a small fee, promises to have Vice President Cheney deliver your rebate check.

Tells you his boss is leaning on him hard to unload last year's rebates before the new rebates arrive.

Urges you to buy the platinum-level extended service contract to protect the value of your rebate.

Claims she just got off the phone with Gordon Gekko, who likes to get in on these things early.

Says that because of the budget deficit, IRS needs to raise cash fast so, "this offer won't last long."

Promises to send you an "IRS Auxiliary Member" card that will exempt you from IRS penalties.

Says that any money raised by the IRS to process your rebate will be used to save the polar bears.

Says you don't need to file a return this year because it's President Bush's last year in office.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pay Attention Even in Cold Weather

The weather turned ice cold today, which is really deceiving since the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining.
Anyway I went to the gym, and afterward to the grocery store. (Yes, even though I just went.) As I was exiting the building I noticed really how cold it was. All I had on was my gym clothes, (tank top, thin yoga style pants, and a light workout jacket) and the icy air was going straight through it all. So maybe I was distracted by that but when I got to the car, I could not get it to open. I pushed the little beepy key thing probably 3 or 4 times before I noticed that it wasn't my car. In the parking lot there were three vehicles almost exactly the same as mine. All of them were black, parked in the same spot in 3 consecutive rows. At least I looked close enough to notice the correct car the second time around. I thought it was pretty funny, and was laughing out loud. There was a little old lady unloading groceries in the car next to what I thought was my car, who was looking at me like I was some crazy young person. Oh well, I got a good laugh.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What to do with free time?

I've been back to Virginia now for a few weeks and since I don't have a job, I kind of have a lot of free time on my hands.

I've been spending a lot of time at the gym, or what amounts to a lot of time for me. Just down the street, a new gym opened up. They have tons of cardio machines, weights, a lap pool, and two of my favorite parts, a fairly large hot tub, and steam rooms. They also have classes, and we've been trying different ones. (I'll sometimes go in the morning for awhile and then again in the evening when Tony goes.)

Although I haven't done a lot of it in the last few years, I actually like to cook, so I've also been trying out new healthy recipes from fitness magazines. I made Lamburgers for lunch today, which are actually called "Greek Burgers" but I liked my name better. They're supposed to be healthier than hamburgers, and instead of using a high calorie white bun, it called for pita pockets. (Tony was skeptical at first but he liked it enough that I'll make it again sometime.) The funny thing I've noticed is that I usually end up going to the grocery store twice a week to get something for a recipe I want to try. Part of it is that I hate carrying the groceries in. Always have, so I try not to buy more than I can carry.

Let's see... I'm doing a little scrapbooking and I've also figured out what shows I like to watch and what time of day they are on. (No soap operas though, so don't worry.) There are many other things Tony has suggested as worth while activities. He would love it if when I start a load of laundry in the washer, that I would move it to the dryer and then fold it. Honestly I usually just forget it's in the washer, but the folding part, well I think that's kind of boring and the dryer is such a convenient storage place.... I have to say that it was a very good thing I was born now rather than 100+ years ago. I hate chores, and they certainly had their fill of them back then. We have it pretty good, I mean at least I don't have to spend all day hunched over a tub or creek in stinging soapy water scrubbing clothes and then hanging them to dry on a line or in front of a fire.

Anyway what this whole post was intended for was to see what you would do with free time if you had it? I'm not so much looking for ideas for me, just curious what other people would do. So....

Friday, February 1, 2008


One thing I noticed about living in New Hampshire is that you cannot find basic cheddar cheese. There's sharp, extra-sharp, extra extra-sharp and well you get the picture. Plus in New Hampshire the cheese doesn't usually have the orange color, which is fine except that I grew up with your basic cheddar cheese that was that orange color. So I am happy to report that in Virginia I can buy cheddar cheese or medium cheddar, and it is orange. Ah the simple things that make me happy.