Monday, August 9, 2010

Thursday on the Vashon Island Ferry

Amanda came over again on Thursday the 29th. The day had no real plans, but I wanted to do something fun, and I think it was Tony who came up with the idea to take the ferry over to Vashon island. Even though it is such a short ride, it was pretty fun.

We followed signs to toward the other end of the island where there was a little lighthouse.

There were hardly any other people around and beautiful bleached driftwood in all shapes and sizes littered the beach. Some one had crafted little tee pee huts out of some longer pieces of wood. The kids thought they were pretty cool, and started playing house.

A Wild Waves Monday

We decided to go to Wild Waves on Monday the 26th of July. Dad dropped a very excited Amanda off really early in the morning, since he had to work that day. The place didn't open until around 10am so it was a bit of a wait, but we survived.

The park is showing it's age in quite a few places, but we had a fun day anyway. I took my camera, but forgot to use it after taking this picture. Oh well.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mushroom Festival and Shipwreck Beads 7/25/2010

I spent the night at my Dad's house on the weekend. I went with Natalya and Amanda to a mushroom festival. Tony hates mushrooms with a passion, and so could not have been dragged there if I had wanted him to come. It was a small festival, but there were a few games, like a mushroom ring toss, and bouncy toys for the kids. Of course we got to try lots of mushroom dishes. I loved a mushroom bruschetta type dish and Natalya's favorite was a mushroom barley soup, which was very good too.
After the festival, we stopped at a bead store I had been hearing about called Shipwreck Beads. It was a huge warehouse style bead store, complete with a cafe. It is probably good that the store is so far away or I am sure I would go there too much.

Once we made it home from the bead store, Tony was waiting at the house with the Boys. Dad was setting up a feast of barbecue food, and Brandon and Carter were already going up and down on Amanda's inflatable slide, which by the way everyone wishes they had as a child.

Brandon and Carter were also very impressed with my Dad's boat and the garage it is in.

Later Davey and some of his friends came over to help eliminate some of the food. Dad always cooks a feast. This picture is of Davey and Samantha.

We also went over to see Davey's new house. His property is pretty nice. It sits on a tree studded acre, set back just off the road.

The drive to his house takes you past spectacular views of Mt Rainier, small lakes, old barns and open meadows.

His house is definitely a bachelor pad right now, complete with mounted animal heads and a truck in progress in the garage.

There is a beautiful really branchy massive canopy tree with a high rope swing for the kids.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dash Point 7/24/2010

Tony and I took the Boys out to Dash Point. Tony said he used to go there as a child, and thought I might enjoy it. It was a beautiful day, mid 80's with clear blue skies and I was reminded why I love summers in Washington. The boys took off at a run and didn't stop until they splashed fully in the water. It was cold, but not too bad. I went beach combing, and picked up a few good shells, but not many. Carter found a lovely dead crab specimen. He looks grossed out in the picture, but really he was thrilled and wanted to keep it. I was disappointed that the sand dollars are a protected species, and that I couldn't add any to my collection.

After Brandon and Carter tired of the water, Tony helped cover the boys with sand. They are pretending to be sleeping or dead in the pictures. I don't remember which.