Friday, April 10, 2009

Phoenix Zoo, Family, and House Updates

Turtle Yoga Class

Melissa and Annika

Mom and Ashling

Tony taking a break, looking cool.

"Hey, Dude I told you not to lick the tree."

Name that Flowering Tree- No really anyone know what it is? I'd like to someday buy one.

Belly Button Ashling

Over 100 years old

Ali in her new hat

My sister Melissa came for a visit this past week. We went to the Phoenix Zoo for the first time. Tony and I have decided that we would love to have a yard that is very jungle like. We figure if it can grow outside at the zoo, then it'll probably grow in our backyard. Overall it was fun. They don't really have a ton of animals, but it did seem like we were able to get up pretty close. It was also probably the perfect time to go. It was only in the 70's or maybe really low 80's. Much later in the year and your shoes might melt to the pavement. To be fair though, you could cool off. I think they had 2 water play areas that could be a lifesaver in a really hot month. Plus water bottles are a must. I would have loved a snow cone for only $3.00, but I didn't really want to buy one for everyone, so I went with out.

It was fun to have family here. Melissa brought Settler's of Catan and we played a few times. It's probably my favorite board game right now, so we'll have to get our own copy one day. The girls played with the hose in the backyard several times, although it would have been nice to have the pool from the new house. I did get a chance to show them the pool. We went over and put our feet in it. It felt pretty nice, not hot tub water, but definitely swim able. I am so glad it has a cover or the pool heating bill would be outrageous.

So far things are looking good in regards to the house. The inspector said he was "bored" with the inspection on Wednesday and only had a handful of things to point out, all pretty minor. If, and I do mean IF, everything goes as planned it might close in a week. The scenario that I keep imagining is it closing during Tony's busy season at work and the week before our cruise. I really hope it's sooner, as then my sister will come back around the first of May.
Plus then we wouldn't have to pay May's rent on our current place.