Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shopping shock

Tony and I are in the Washington DC area looking at apartments. We have a little bit of sticker shock from the high cost of short term leasing, but nothing too different than we'd been warned about. High cost, high rises, little spaces, and long commutes. This is a major metro area, so what could we really expect?

One thing that did startle me today was this mega mall we went in. Now most people who know me can testify to the fact that I love to shop. Give me money and a good bargain, and I'm a happy camper. (Mostly it's the good bargain I love. I seem to appreciate it more if I got it on sale, or was able to talk the clerk into giving me a discount.) I've often referred to it as retail therapy. Well today we went into a mall in the Tyson's corner area of Virginia just to get out and stretch our legs. We walked into Bloomingdale's and I was overwhelmed. Two and a half years of living in Concord has turned me into a small town girl. (Yes Concord is a small town to me.) I didn't know what to do with this store. I think the entire Steeplegate Mall could have fit into just that one Bloomingdale's. How does anybody ever find what they are looking for? Luckily we weren't really shopping, since I don't think my indecisiveness would mesh well with those stores. The place is three stories in some spots, and has several wings and more than one spot that could be called a food court. Plus apparently there is a mall across the street that is considered part of this mall. We didn't even look at that one. I wonder how many people get lost? If Tony hadn't been with me, I would probably still be looking for the car.

PS: For Dillon Coil's benefit, we had lunch at Chipoltle. Mmmm....