Sunday, August 16, 2009


Life around the Palizzi household has been moving at a steady, albeit normal pace.

Work, eat, sleep, pretty much the basics.

Not that life is particularly void of entertainment. Saturday we went to the water park for a few hours, and attended a free mystery dinner that Tony had won tickets to.

I have to say I am glad he won the tickets since they are normally like $38.00 a piece, and to be honest the show was not really worth it. There was a portly guy parading around the whole night in a busty nurses uniform who thought it was vastly entertaining to shove said boobies in the faces of any unsuspecting person who dared to sit in any accessible location. Really I was wishing we had been able to eat first, and then slip out the door, but the food was spread out over the 3 hour show. I am certain I would have been pretty upset had we wasted money I could have been saving for house decor or a trip.

Speaking of house decor, I'm wondering if I'll ever make any effort to further decorate the house. The kitchen is painted, although the brown accents we are undecided on. We like the colors together, but can't decide if we like them together in a kitchen family room combo.
Also our master bedroom has not preceded past the coat of primer that I used to mask the bright faux orange finish dominating one wall. It still has 3 other walls that are a beigy yellow, not in the "ahh a neutral beige," but in the "this might have been a cheery yellow on the paint card at the store, but just looks bland on the walls yellow." Our bathroom is still the track home white and very generic, but at least it isn't something we HAVE to paint right away.

Sometimes I feel like we are in over our heads with this house and yard. Everything seems so big, and it feels like it would take a fortune to decorate. The yard is still dried yellow grass in a few places, although Tony is no longer trying to keep the whole yard green, as he has decided it is way too much lawn to cut.

I guess it's not that we feel in over our heads, it's just that it isn't such a concern to me to decorate. I would love to have a house that was showy and beautiful, but I keep thinking that I don't really have too many people over and would much rather travel.

Oh travel. again I am feeling the yearning to disappear to a foreign land. Well not really disappear. I could never leave without letting someone know where I was going. It really just isn't smart to not have someone who could alert the authorities when I don't come back, but I mean to soak up the places I am going almost to the point where I been come a part of it.

I keep wondering why I never studied abroad, or why I haven't found a way to live in another country for a few months a year. Aren't there jobs where people travel? I sell travel right now, which may or may not be good for someone with my addiction. I am literally at any given moment planning somewhere I would like to go.

Right now I have five places that come to mind:

Brno, Czech Republic. (Why, well you'll have to guess)

Hawaii. (No explanation needed)

Dominican Republic. (It has great beaches, so I hear.)

China. ( I was thinking today in Primary that I would love to have a fancy princess dress made for Halloween or masked balls (another side note, yes I do still enjoy dressing up, and you never know when you'll get invited to a ball), and am quite certain I could get better fabrics and a higher quality custom costume made there for less.)

Alaska (Alaska... where did that come from? Oh yeah, it's because I wish that I was somewhere I could see the ocean, go fishing or camping where I might actually want a fire, oh and a little thing called trees. Not big frondy palms, but evergreens, or maples or something green and leafy.)

So really it's that I can't see spending money on things for the house when I am generally dreaming of being somewhere else. It's good I suppose that we are taking a brief trip to Washington over labor day. While it won't take away my wanderlust, it might give me a slight distraction.