Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 months and what have I done?

I haven't blogged in 3 months. I have thought about blogging, read other blogs, even started to blog, and then some how or some way I became distracted and never posted a thing. So what have we been up to?

In May we went to California for Ali's baptism. She seemed very excited and was working really hard to be on her best behavior.

That same weekend the beach was calling, so we trekked out for a day in the sun. I love the beach, the sounds, the smell, the colors of the water, it's where I feel at home. Everyone seemed to have a good time, with Annika especially enjoying the sand.

June was interesting. The third week or so of June, I drove to Blythe to pick Ali up. She was spending some time with us this summer, until she tired of us or her parents missed her too much. Just a few days after that, I lost my job, which kind of put a kink in the super fun things I had hoped to do with her. We had to get creative in our activities. We did some window shopping, went to the bead store and only spent about a $1.25, but with some of my beads, made Ali a really nice necklace, and of course we went swimming, once or twice a day. Ali also got to make a friend, Liliana, whom she wished she had more time to play with.
There was also our first really party at our first house. I know we have been in the house over a year so it was about time. It was going to be really beach themed, but with me out of work, we didn't go overboard like I had planned. It was fun though, with a lot of people showing up.

I also got to see the new Twlight series movie, which I liked, but wasn't sure I liked it better than the last two. (I also recently saw a little of a movie called "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" which has somewhat tainted my image of Taylor Lautner, as Jacob. I guess I forgot how young the actor really was, plus now I might have to look and see if the wolf boy also has a shark fin still.)

Late June into early July was spent bouncing between restaurants that had sent Tony and I free birthday treats. We had free claim jumper meal with free dessert too, two free red robin burgers and free ice creams, free cold stone, free Rubio's, and free movie theater treats. It was maybe a bit much for a short time frame, but hey, free is free.

Then this last weekend my sister and brother in law decided they had been with out their oldest daughter for long enough, and decided to pick her up. We had a few scares with the air conditioner going out in killer temps, but managed to have a great few days swimming.

This is the only picture of Tony. I was behind the camera, so none of me.

And that about sums up the months I missed. Oh I am sure there's some stuff in between, but this will have to do for now.